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Diplomatic Council & NL|Mobility at Natrans Expo Abu Dhabi

13 september 2016Rob Heijtink

Natrans EXPO (Abu Dhabi) and Diplomatic Council collaborate 

NATRANS, the leading rail, road and maritime infrastructure technology conference and the Diplomatic Council, a global Think Tank in Consultative Status with the United Nations, have entered into a far-reaching cooperation with the following benefits for DC members: through the Diplomatic Council, members can attend the conference at strongly reduced prices. This year’s NATRANS takes place in Abu Dhabi from October 25-26. Further information on the conference are available at: www.natrans-arabia.com/conference.

Keynote by Steef Korfker, Chairman DC Global E-Mobility Forum

The Diplomatic Council will be represented at the conference with Steef Korfker, Chairman DC Global E-Mobility Forum, who will deliver a keynote speech on „Sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure”. Steef Korfker will introduce the three-tier model for the switch to a globally sustainable energy supply which focuses on electric mobility as the key element. The DC, a global organisation headed by diplomats and business leaders, supports authorities in respect to gradually convert their transportation infastructure to e-mobility. In Sri Lanka, the DC already has successfully completed a pilot project which is considered a flagship project worldwide. The project aims at the conversion of the three-wheelers, which are used by a majority of the population, to electric mobility. “In a large part of Asia, electric tuk tuks can play a major role in reducing smog. Funding programmes of the government can contribute to achieving a turnaround in the energy transition.” says Steef Korfer.

DC members who want to join the conference should click here and use the code “diplomatic_natrans” to get a special price.