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DC E-Mobility Director Steef Korfker at eMove 360 2016 Munich

17 oktober 2016Rob Heijtink

Diplomatic Council director Steef Korfker speeches at World Summit eMove 360 in Munich.

eMove 360 represents the complete range of next generation and sustainable mobility solutions: from urban & mobile design to intelligent materials and processing concepts.

During the conference Steef Korfker, director Diplomatic Council E-Mobility, will deliver his speech: The Silky Route - towards clean energy for all.


For all business partners: a promo code that can be used for the event.

This code reduces the regular ticket price by 10%.

Code:       CompanyWMS2016          (exact spelling is required!)

Link to Ticket Shop: https://www.xing.com/events/world-mobility-summit-2016-1651985?yac=aff0f8a4a0b